Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hurry up Spring

Whilst we are suffering this so far dull Spring weather, we thought that a little Free International Shippping code wouldn't go a miss!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Celebrity Fashion: Zooey Deschanel

Chances are if you're a fan of all our cute, quirky little jewels then you’ll also be a fan of the queen of quirk herself, Zooey Deschanel and her show New Girl. We love her so much that we’re devoting this Celebrity Fashion post to her! We’ve chosen to help you recreate a  lovely little summer look, a look which you could easily wear during the day yet with a few minor tweaks could taken just as easily through to the night. We also think it’s a very practical outfit, something that can be worn for many occasions and still manage to look fresh and downright stunning!

In an episode of New girl, Zooey is seen wearing this very plain turquoise dress. It fits her form perfectly, hiding what needs to be hidden. A dress like this is great for hiding a multitude of sins, cinch it in at the waist with a thick black belt and you’ll accentuate your bust as well as making your waist line appear smaller. You're sure to have some killer curves in this outfit! Now, we all know in the summer that every once and a while (most of the time) it can get a little nippy so this simple blue cardigan will keep you warm without making you feel like you're wrapped in a winter wooly! Pair this outfit with flats or heels/wedges and some delicious sunglasses and your outfit is complete! Or is it?

A Celebrity Fashion post wouldn’t be complete with a little Scarlette twist and we’ve lined up some super cute necklaces for your pleasure. Since it’s all about summer how about wearing our Sunflower (£3.50), it’s a simple piece with a lot of charm which we’re positive will make you feel all summery! One of our favorite new pieces has to be The Eagle (£4.00), on an 18” antique bronze chain and as it says on the website it would look perfect layered up with a longer chain, perhaps one of our Stag (£6.00) or even one of our signature Typewriter Keys (£4.50)! Theres a tone more other necklaces over at Scarlett Hearts just waiting to be discovered, so why don’t you drop by and have a little look?

As always have a wonderful day and we hope to see you at Scarlett Hearts soon! Zooey Deschanel

Glamorous blue cut out dress
£27 -

A wear
£30 -

H&M ballet flat shoes
£15 -

H&M platform sandals
£20 -

£10 -

Ray-Ban New Clubmaster
€117 -

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Your Highness!

Queenies calling! And over at Scarlett Hearts we have some really, really cute little jewels inspired by all things royal and utterly sophisticated. We have a range of beautifully crafted Jewels that we just know you’ll love, how do we know that? Because we adore them too! For starters we’ve created a really adorable Postal Stamp (£4.00) necklace, it would look adorable layered with our new Post Box (£5.00) necklace. The postal box is also adorned with a cute little bow for cuteness overload!
Now if you want to bring a sense of regal fancyness to your outfit why not snap up out London Calling (£5.50) brooch, pair it with the Your Highness (£3.00) necklace and we’re sure you’ll feel like royalty!
For quintessential London icons we have four necklaces we think you’ll just adore. Firstly, to go with our fire-truck-red post box, we have an equally fiery red Phone Box (£5.50) which also features a cute little bow halo a top the charm. For a more simple phone box charm why not take home our Phone Box Or Time Machine (£3.50) necklace? It comes in both silver and gold, as if we haven’t given enough choices! We also have silver or gold Big Ben (£5.50) necklaces, perhaps layer both Time Machine and Big Ben together? Lastly, we have a lovely little Taxi! (£5.50) necklace on a gold plated chain. Honestly, we think all of these little beauties would be perfect wether at a jubilee street party or a ruckus night out!
The last of our new charms have been inspired by fancy tea parties, cup of tea anyone? Then our Tea Please (£3.00) necklace should be just the thing you need! Or maybe either our Tea For One (£3.50) earrings or Tea Party (4.50) pins will quench your thirst? Both come in electric blue and is sure to instantly brighten up your look! We also have a lovely little Fancy Spoon (3.50) necklace, either on its own or layered with other pieces this dainty little spoon will look completely adorable! Last, but certainly not least we have two very pretty brooches. Both Vintage Tea Cup (£5.00) and Cupcakes (£5.00) come in a verity of styles and colours, verity is the spice of life after all! We just know that you’ll find the perfect one for you, Vintage Tea Cup comes in 4 styles and colours whereas Cupcakes come in 5!
As always all of our products can be found here and, if you’ve bought any of our lovely little things please, please, please! Send us a picture of yourself wearing them so we can feature them on our blog because we adore knowing how you pair our wear our pieces!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

JOTD: Daisy

Today, why don't we all go outside and soak up some sun? But if you're stuck in a boring office why don't you bring a bit of the outside, in, and buy this beautiful Daisy (£5.00) necklace. It's the perfect little jewel to bring a little sunshine into your day? We love it because this simple necklace goes with anything! If you like to layer your necklaces how about one of your colorful Bloom (£4.00) necklace, this is sure to add a delightful splash of colour and since it comes in 6 colours we're sure you'll find the perfect one for you!

As always we hope you have a wonderful day!

Celebrity Fashion

Here at Scarlett Heart we just love a good bit of Celeb gossip, but you won't find no Red Ring of Shame here! Each week we’re going to feature a celeb with outstanding fashion and hopefully we’ll be able to help you recreate their look with a cheeky, Scarlett Hearts twist. This week it’s the turn of alternative star, Krysten Ritter who can currently be seen starring in Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23. Watch it at your own peril because the tune will get stuck in your head for weeks! We haven’t been able to stop humming it!

In the first episode, Krysten as her sociopathic alter-ego, Chloe can be seen wearing a very British inspired clothing and and with our Queens Jubilee coming up we thought we’d help you recreate this look. Honestly, it’s a perfect look for all those street parties you’ll be attending if you don’t mind wobbling along in those killer heels, but fear not because this look would be just as fierce if you switched out the heels for a pair of cute flats. Scroll down to the bottom to get the full look and information on all of the products.

Over at our shop we’re sure you’ll find lots of little jewels that would go perfectly with this outfit. Our Freedom handcuff (£3.50) necklace is almost an exact match to the necklace she’s wearing in the picture, but if you want to go a little more patriotic how about our Your Highness (£3.00) necklace? Either would make a perfect addition to this outfit! As for earrings? Well there's a whole host of them over at our shop that would look super cute! The Skulls and Bows (£3.50) would look just adorable, but why don’t you head over to Scarlett Hearts and have a look for yourself? We promise you won't regret it! Kyrsten Ritter, Don't trust the B.

AX Paris sleeveless tank top
£13 -

Boyfriend jacket
$70 -

Dorothy Perkins skinny leg jeans
$27 -

Studded flat
$39 -

Studded boots
£30 -

Wet Seal cross body shoulder bag
$25 -

Mango sunglasses
£15 -

Monday, 21 May 2012

Pink Swallows and Silver Collars

These two beautiful creations are our brand new collar pins, they’re the perfect accessory to add a special touch to your outfits and we love them. The first is a pair of simply adorable Pink Swallows that would look perfect adorning any plain shirt, dress and of course denim and we sure do love a bit of denim here at Scarlett Hearts. These pins are sure to stand out and brighten up your look and if you’re a lover of pink why not pair it with our Sailor Candy necklace? If you want something a little simpler how about our stunning rose quart Tooth?

The second new addition to the Scarlett Hearts family this week are our signature Silver Collar pins. The puck shaped pins are threaded together by a 5 1/2 inch silver chain and would look divine on a simple white collar, we think they will bring feel of luxury and class to any outfit. Why not pair them with our Tiny Cross earrings or our new in stock Flopsy and Fluffy Brooch for a touch of whimsy. 

As always all of our products can be found over at our store. We hope you have a wonderful day and hope to see you over at Scarlett Hearts soon!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Spotted: BeautyBecca

Let me introduce you to our lovely SH fan Becca, she has a blog which you can find Here! You should go and check it out because we love it! She recently purchased some Scarlett Hearts and was awesome enough to do a blog post on it. Have a look at how she wore our pieces!
First off can we comment how awesome Becca's T-shirt is! Amazing!Here she is wearing our Flamingo! Cameo, This is a popular piece at Scarlett Hearts HQ!You can find this cameo here! She also purchased these items which will be back in stock as soon as possible!
Becca was also kind enough to write a blog post of her favourite big cartel Jewellery stores and she included us! You can read that blog post here! Thank you so much Becca for all your support! Follow Beccas Blog here and you can find her on twitter @beautybeccablog